Call for 10 Early Stage Researcher (PhD) fellowships within the “European Network on Anti-Cancer Immuno-Therapy Improvement by Modification of CAR and TCR Interactions and Nanoscale Geometry”
The H2020-MSCA-funded Innovative Training Network EN-ACTI2NG ( builds on recent clinical evidence that T cells expressing engineered tumor-specific immune receptors can eradicate tumors that do not respond to conventional treatment. This important therapeutic approach is in a very early phase of development and requires a well-trained workforce to address challenges such as development of tumor-specific receptors for a wider array of tumors, improvement in efficiency of these receptors, better on/off-target toxicity safety profiles and more efficient transfer of basic research findings to the clinic.
- to train early stage students with expertise in development of new and improved T cell-mediated tumor immunotherapies
- to teach them to facilitate communication between stakeholders (scientists, clinicians, industry, patients and the general public)
- to improve T cell-mediated tumor immunotherapy by the development of new tumor-specific immune receptors and enhancing their function by identifying and modifying their molecular mechanism of action.
The aims will be reached via 10 individual research projects that rely on the complementary expertise of the participating groups. Training in research-specific skills, career development and communication will also be offered. You can find all the information regarding this offer in the ERUAXESS Jobs portal:
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